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How to Maintain the Quality of Vintage Jackets?

Vintage or antique are the terms describing the past eras. Vintage leather clothing is a piece of history. Most vintage coats have historic and emotional values attached. Their styles and designs bring back the old time memories. Jackets from the 1950s are in popular demand. They are rare collector’s item and so very expensive too.

Vintage Blazers refer to those embossed with retro imaginary characters like Scooby Doo, etc. If you buy any of such pieces then take good care. There are ways to keep the coats as new as bought today.
The key points are discussed below to maintain the quality of a leather cloth.

1. Use a leather conditioner to keep the coats clean. Start application from a small part and move in circular motion. Do not use too much conditioner.
2. Protect the jacket from harmful substances. Moisturize the leather from time to time.
3. Do not put the jacket directly under the sunlight.
4. Take your coats to the professional dry cleaners.
5. Keep the blazers in the spacious closet. It saves the coats from high temperature.
6. Hang your leather blazers in a dry area with spaces in between to give them a fresh air.
7. Do not speed up the drying process.

If you are cleaning clothes at home, be cautious about the detergents. Do not buy the cleaner that leaves grease or stains. Such washing powders may attract bacteria to the jackets. Test the cleaner by wiping the small portion of a cloth. Use blackboard chalk for grease and oil stain on the jacket. Leave chalk on the stains for a day or two. Take help of dry cleaners when there is a wine, wax or ink stain. Leather jackets are expensive to buy. Folks must keep them clean using the above tips. Enjoy winters with these stylish clothes.

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