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Category Archives: Jacket Care and Safety

How to pull off a leather jacket in school uniform?

School outfits usually called school uniforms are designed to be simple and a symbol of unity along with discipline. Students are all the time discouraged not to bring in anything associated with school uniforms that makes it hard for them to gel in with other students and the whole concept of school uniforms becomes null and void. This is why carrying yourself as a true fashion follower in this early age is difficult, but the disciplinary requirements make it even tougher. The question is how students can then pull off something like a leather jacket fashion with their basic uniform outfits.

The simplest and easiest solution to carry off your fashion needs with school uniform is to keep it simple and not make fashion speak volumes, as this can then create a fuss with the limitations you have. Fashion with school uniforms and in instances like these should be done in an extremely subtle way. For example, wearing the right sized uniform, keeping your hygiene perfect and your hairstyle along with other accessories in complete tandem with your outfit. Similarly, in order to perfectly pull off leather fashion like leather jacket in school, then you will have, to first of all find a jacket that is not too much of a luxury fashion, but simple layer that fits well with the constraints of your uniform as well as makes it look good.

Always ensure in this kind of fashion, your priority should be your first dress and then anything that follows. So if your jacket is compromising on the value and symbolism of your school uniform, then this can create a problem. Secondly, you can also try wearing your jacket over the uniform outside classrooms and during times where school limitations are somewhat eased upon. Fashion should not force you to compromise on priorities and discipline, it should settle within the limitations you have.

So now you can wear your favorite movies star jackets like Dark Knight Rises Bane Coat, Mark Wahlberg leather jacket, Megan Fox style jacket etc. with your uniform but must follow above instructions as precarious.

How to Maintain the Quality of Vintage Jackets?

Vintage or antique are the terms describing the past eras. Vintage leather clothing is a piece of history. Most vintage coats have historic and emotional values attached. Their styles and designs bring back the old time memories. Jackets from the 1950s are in popular demand. They are rare collector’s item and so very expensive too.

Vintage Blazers refer to those embossed with retro imaginary characters like Scooby Doo, etc. If you buy any of such pieces then take good care. There are ways to keep the coats as new as bought today.
The key points are discussed below to maintain the quality of a leather cloth.

1. Use a leather conditioner to keep the coats clean. Start application from a small part and move in circular motion. Do not use too much conditioner.
2. Protect the jacket from harmful substances. Moisturize the leather from time to time.
3. Do not put the jacket directly under the sunlight.
4. Take your coats to the professional dry cleaners.
5. Keep the blazers in the spacious closet. It saves the coats from high temperature.
6. Hang your leather blazers in a dry area with spaces in between to give them a fresh air.
7. Do not speed up the drying process.

If you are cleaning clothes at home, be cautious about the detergents. Do not buy the cleaner that leaves grease or stains. Such washing powders may attract bacteria to the jackets. Test the cleaner by wiping the small portion of a cloth. Use blackboard chalk for grease and oil stain on the jacket. Leave chalk on the stains for a day or two. Take help of dry cleaners when there is a wine, wax or ink stain. Leather jackets are expensive to buy. Folks must keep them clean using the above tips. Enjoy winters with these stylish clothes.

How to Select the Stylish Leather Jackets for winters?

Are you thinking of what type of jackets may be right for your wardrobe this winter? The leather jacket is number one in warmth and style. If you buy good quality coats they last forever. But do take proper care of them.

Any man looks totally handsome wearing a leather coat. Leather clothes are leading the fashion world. Many Hollywood stars wear these attires on several occasions and parties, may it be a typical date with a girl or a simple get together with friends. The jackets have become a style icon with the passage of time. You do not have to be Captain America to wear such jackets.

You look hot if you wear the coat according to your skin color and body shape. A fitted coat is suitable than loose ones. For casual occasions, men must prefer brown jackets. There are different shades available in the brown-from light to dark. So if you are wearing a light colored blazer then wear a light colored shirt with it. You may pair it with red, light blue and green to stand out.

Any shoes will compliment the leather clothes if their color goes with the hue on jackets. Men look super sexy when they style from top to bottom.

Jackets are available with unique styles like embossed. Snake skin, alligator and crocodile are some of the famous embossing styles. Following tips might be useful for the men:

  • Pair aviator jackets with military boots and acid wash jeans. People with sleek body types must wear these clothes.
  • Carry out the famous bomber with skinny jeans and denim shirt. It is tricky to match with the body shape.
  • Biker jackets go with ankle boots and slim fit black jeans. It is perfect for all sizes and shapes.
  • Tan and colored leather with black top, trousers and shoes.

Four Useful Tips for Storing Leather Jacket Properly

One of the most used fashion accessory is leather jackets. They provide a very fashionable and classy look to a person’s personality. The best thing about the leather jackets is that they look good with all kinds of outfits. Be it a dress pant or jeans, they go well with every attire. This is why; these are loved by everyone.

Leather jackets are one of the most expensive outfits because these are made up of high quality leather material. Due to the thick leather material, they are mostly used in the winter season for protecting the body from cold and once the season is over they are stored in the cupboard. Leather jackets usually have a very soft texture or surface that starts cracking if not cared and stored properly. This is why, it is suggested to people to store their leather jackets carefully and properly if they want them to last long. If you are also going to store your leather jacket, then you can take an effective help from the following tips about storing leather jacket properly:

  • Cover your leather jackets with a soft cloth or a plastic bag properly and then hang them in a cupboard or in a place where you want to keep them. Remember, never fold your leather jacket as it will damage its shape and will also create wrinkles on the surface.
  • Try to stuff your leather jacket with acid-free paper. Fill the jacket completely with the paper as it will keep the jacket in its shape.
  • Leather jackets usually have pores on the surface that needs air to breathe. So keep your jacket in the place which has a passage for air.
  • Apply a little amount of leather conditioner on your jacket before storing it. The conditioner will keep the jacket’s texture soft.

Things to Look for While Buying a Leather Jacket

Buying a leather jacket is not an easy job as you need to look for a lot of things because of the high investment. If you are facing problems in finding a good jacket for you then the following guide will be of great help to you:

This is the most important thing that you must check while buying a leather jacket. A leather outfit that is made from good quality material lasts longer, whereas the one that is manufactured from low quality material quickly deteriorates. So, always buy the one that is made from high quality leather material. Most of the leather materials used in the making of jackets are, cowhide, sheepskin, deerskin or lambskin etc. Also beware of the shopkeepers who trap customers and sell them low quality jackets.

There are a number of colors of leather jackets available in the market such as brown, black, beige, red, gray, blue, etc. But not all of them suit everyone’s personality and look. So, you must choose the color of your jacket wisely and carefully. Make sure it suits your skin tone and provides you a good look.

Like colors, there are also different types of leather jackets available in the market such as biker jacket, double rider jacket, bomber jacket, aviator jacket and trench coat etc. All of these jackets have different designs and features. You can choose any one of them for you, but make sure the one you select must suit your personality.

This is another important element that you must check while buying a jacket for you. Usually leather jackets have loose fitting which doesn’t go well with everyone’s body type. The loose fitted jacket provides a bulky look and doesn’t add style to the personality. So, always buy the one that suits your physique and fits on your body.

A Useful Trick for Cleaning Leather Jacket Properly

Leather jackets are one of the most desirable fashion accessories because they provide trendy and glamorous look to the personality. They are not just used for protection, but also to add style to the personality. This is the reason because of which these leather apparels are liked by both men and women.

Cleaning a leather jacket is a difficult task because it has a very soft texture and polish that can be damaged if not cleaned properly. One thing to remember is that leather outfits are not cleaned or washed often because it can badly affect them. Stated below is a trick that will help you in cleaning your leather jacket easily and properly without damaging its texture and polish.

Things required for the cleaning process:

  • A bucket
  • A Soft cloth or a sponge
  • Any Detergent or a mild soap for washing purpose
  • Leather jacket conditioner
  • And warm water

Steps of the cleaning process:

  • Take the bucket and fill it quarterly with the warm water.
  • Add little amount of the detergent or the mild soap in the water filled bucket.
  • Mix the detergent until it mixes with the water properly.
  • Take a soft cloth or a sponge, dip it in the bucket and then gently rub the surface of your jacket with it.
  • Once you are done rubbing the soapy cloth or sponge all over your jacket, now rinse the cloth or sponge in the plain water and then again wipe your jacket with it until the soap is completely removed from your jacket.
  • After that rub your jacket with a dry cloth or sponge so that it absorbs the remaining water.
  • Hang your leather jacket in open air so that it can dry.
  • Now when your jacket is completely dry, apply the leather conditioner all over it. It will keep your jacket’s texture soft.