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How to Checkout

How to Checkout

Hello, here is few easy steps to follow to learn how to checkout and order.

Step 1: Come on our category’s men or women products as you like and choose a your favorite stylish jacket just click on photo you will go to jacket details page, and you will see a page like this picture see below.

Also your selected product will be in your Cart. You can see it on the top right side on the website with items and prices. you can click on the Cart for details and see which item is added in your cart and with checkout button you can direct checkout from any page of website.

1: Men Jacket Size: Here select your body size. if you have any problem to select your size please go to our size guide page for more details or contact us to use “Enquire About Product” Button. you can also use quick popup for size chart on click “View Size Chart” Button.

2: Material: Here select your jacket material here is different options for your choice to select jacket in real leather, faux leather and cotton.

3: Color: Here you can select your jacket color there is many options for you to select your favorite color for your jacket also you can order it in “Actual Color”.

4: Quantity: Here is one option for jacket quantity how many jackets you need you can simply input the value like 1 or 4 and also you can do it with plus and minus buttons.

5: Buy For Me: Here is best option for you to ask from your boyfriend to buy it for you just simply click on “Buy For Me” button and fill all the fields and send. The message will send to your boyfriend or friends.

6: View Size Chart: This option is for you to use quick view size chart in popup.

7: Enquire About Product: Another best option if you need any inquire or details about this product you can simply click on this button and fill all fields with your details we will contact you in few hours.

Stars Jackets - Cart Options And Products

8: Buy Now Button: Finally when you have done everything select size, jacket material, color and quantity so your now ready to go next just click on BUY NOW button then you will go to next page for personal details and payment details.

Stars Jackets - How to checkout step 1

Step 2:
You are now on checkout page. it easy and simple options.

1: Have a coupon? here is a coupon option “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code” if you have coupon code you can use here and get your discount.

2: Billing Details: Simply fill all details with your information and zip/postal code.

3: Your order: It showing you order details, prices, tax and shipping etc…

4: Ship to a different address? Here is a another option if you want to ship the product to another address then you can use this option for shipping your product.

5: Proceed to PayPal: Finally Proceed to PayPal button your all details is filled and checked everything correctly if you checked and everything is done then you can finally click on “Proceed to PayPal” button for go to Paypal for payment. On Paypal you can pay your payment to use Paypal account and credit cards.

Thank you for reading 🙂 Good Bye

Stars Jackets - Product Checkout Page Step 2