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Men’s Varsity Jackets


Buy top-quality varsity letterman jackets for men at affordable prices today on Stars Jacket.

You can shop any of the varsity letterman jackets available on our website and order a custom-made in any of your preferred men’s varsity jackets fabric.

You can also avail of varsity jackets in wool and leather color swatches in the below colors.

Our Color Range

Here are fascinating common Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about a varsity jacket.

What is a varsity jacket, and what is the history behind it?

A varsity jacket dates back to the mid 90’s era. They first came into invention in 1953, and wool was used for its manufacturing and leather sleeves occupied from wool fabric. Furthermore, A varsity jacket was made specially as a letterman sweater. In the 21st century, you will see this Jacket was worn by many youngsters, school and university students, and athletes who wear it on their special sports days. Young people from all around the United States aspire to use varsity jackets to represent their team’s home jerseys and logo to demonstrate their athletic accomplishments.

What is the varsity jacket used for?

Varsity jackets, sometimes known as letterman sweaters, are popular among men. Its origins can be tracked back to 1953, when varsity jackets were linked with Western athletic society. Varsity jackets contained embroidered letters were typically represented the letters of the high school campus in consideration, and they have worn the whole team and its supporters to indicate a unity, support, and mutual representation of athletic performance.

Are the varsity letterman jackets men good?

Yes, absolutely! Varsity jackets are much more than just a letterman leather sweater and a piece of garment. Highschools and college athletic teams and students have been using it for more than a century now. Varsity jackets were the first ones to get recognition as outerwear apparel because of their diversity. You can buy them from any suitable place on the internet ad there are several outstanding varsity jacket manufacturers available, each with its enhancing elements. Still, the one we would recommend is Stars Jacket.

What material is a men’s varsity jacket?

You can always get a varsity jacket custom-made according to your preference of material and fabric that suits you on Stars Jacket or any other website. Still, the most commonly manufactured varsity jackets are Cotton. It’s one of the common famous materials that provide a comfortable experience and absorbs excessive moisture in extreme heat. Cotton is also durable for a long time, and your one-time purchase can last years if used with proper care. Therefore, most of the varsity jackets are made from Cotton.